Construction Management, LLC


DCM’s attention to detail, care and craftsmanship, are what our clients count on when choosing our company construction on a historic building project. Whether a historic restoration, complete renovation, or even a new addition, DCM’s team meticulously plans the work, and, when presented with unusual challenges that are inherent to many historical structures, has the professional experience to provide creative solutions.

Whether protecting a home’s or building’s structure, its historic significance, integrating modern technology into an antiquated facility or meticulously restoring a building’s fragile façade, DCM understands the careful planning, coordination, and special attention to detail that is required to bring historic buildings back to their original grandeur.

DCM’s restorations of historic buildings go beyond resolving the leaks and cracks that plague all buildings over time. We solidly provide surveys and remedial designs to make any historical project remain just that – historical!